Business Goals
Conquer Termites has been operating for over 15 years as a family owned business. In that time it has become regarded as an industry leader in standards set and staff retention. They desired to increase their service capabilities by enabling customers to book appointments online & eliminating the need to call to book and give their website a facelift and introduce a mobile booking app.
Deliverable - Website & Mobile App
Role - UX Researcher & UI Designer
Pain Points
Waiting for the appointment on the phone is a time-consuming experience.
People want to book appointments for other people (elder parent, relative).
Paper document management is unproductive. Phone support causes delays in booking and errors.
Scheduling appointments over the phone usually requires an individual to phone in during office hours.

Research Methods
User Interviews
Focus Group / Group Discussions
User Survey
Survey and Interviews Goals
Research participants: 
Home owners, Real Estate Agents, Home Renters

Research Objectives:
Understand how people search for pest management providers now; The context & frequency.
Understand how people make decisions to trust a company for booking an appointment.
Learn the user experience from booking the appointment, preparing for the visit and after the visit activities.
Discover the benefits and challenges of the competitor’s appointment booking experience
Research Findings
As a user I would like to:
Use the appointment system for scheduling appointments;
Use a direct call feature, in order to ask pre visit preventitive questions.
Choose the time & date of the appointment;
Find the specialists, based on my search criteria;
Be informed of my appointments’ specific information (Name of technician, ETA, Date, etc.);
Create & manage appointments for my family members;
Pay for the appointment online;
Have the history of my appointments easily accessible to me & next technician;
Hi Fidelity Prototype & User Flow
Once I organised all my insights from the exploration phase, I began to design the website. To start this process I began to sketch several of the site’s main screens, using my user flows as a guide. This allowed me to quickly explore several concepts for the website layout. I then tested this with 3 participants to validate whether these solutions addressed both the user and business needs. Below is a snapshot of the user flow from one of the personas. 
Usability Testing &
Key Findings
Once I completed my wireframes, I created a prototype of the app to begin usability testing. This would allow me to evaluate how users would engage with the proposed solution and validate whether it was addressing the primary user needs.

Key Findings:
Overall users were able to easily navigate the app and book a service and make payments for their booking.
Participants suggested to add promo code / discount section to the checkout flow.
A few participants wanted a way to inquire about services if they didn’t want to call.
Some felt there could be a feature to upload photos of the infestation and seek preventative advice till they have a technician come in.

This case study represents the start of a bigger design process for the development of this app. The next steps I would like to take for this project would be to continue to conduct usability testing and further iterate on my designs. Given more time, I’d like to explore more ways Conquer Termites can provide a better customer experience via their app. I would also like to create content for the website and start to incorporate more of the visual style and branding. Below you can find my initial explorations into how this visual style might look. I wanted the visual design to emphasise these core values: simplicity, creativity, and tradition.
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