Business Challenge
Most large Australian wealth management institutions have adapted to the current technological landscape and market competition to offer comprehensive digital services and products. Nevertheless, there is still ground to cover within their platforms to achieve a cohesive and integrated set of user experiences. Although the Eclipse Financial Services offered a consistent personal experience, their business website experience had not been updated in a long time.
The Users
The website’s target users are primarily wealth management advisors and their current and prospective clients.
My Role
In this project, I had the chance to collaborate with a team consisting of a project manager (client side), in-house account manager, creative director & myself (UI Designer).
As a senior designer at Copirite, I was part of the team mandated to redesign the Eclipse's user experience offered to current and prospective clients & financial advisors.
Project objectives
Knowing that the Eclipse’s website experience had to be revisited, we had approximately one month to recommend an adequate solution for the revamping; for this project, our high-level goals were to:
•Create a new, improved, and comprehensive version of the website’s structure.
•Position them as the destination of choice for financial investment advisors in the industry.
•Redesign the Eclipse Financial Services website to better communicate the reliability and expertise of the firm to their clients.
•Contribute to the current operations by supporting the recruitment efforts of investment advisors through an appealing and intuitive redesigned website.
•Integrate their education platform & youtube channel.
Project challenges
For this redesign, detecting challenges was crucial to the overall success of the project and the constraints established by the team and myself were to:
•Determine the needs and goals of wealth management advisors’ clients based on internal stakeholders’ assumptions and wealth management advisors’ experience.
•Create rapid but quality low fidelity mockups for acute and constant stakeholder validation rounds.
•Ensure that the final output follows in line with the brand, is user friendly and engaging in terms of content and visuals.
The data had been collected from user interviews with wealth management advisors and using user analytics data collected from the webpages traffic.
*Due to privacy limitations and the lack of availability of end clients, we only had access to wealth management advisors’ qualitative data.
Final Design
Once we had ensured that all strategic outputs and user needs were implemented into the designed wireframes, we started designing high fidelity mockup versions of the website.
To view the live website, please visit

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